Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Do this or Be Haunted!

I was instructed to post some pics here or I would pay the price. I know that's not what it said but I was reading between the lines.

Really trying hard to use some humor in this but I don't think I am doing so good! I am always learning and know that someday the "Great Peterson" will teach me more!
This is John giving a tour of the grounds to friends. Now on my left is a blowup store and behind that is a tent!

Does anyone know where the big wheel is?

Just another exciting day guarding the costumes that came over on the mayflower. Fact check Jim Petersons blog http://poles2engine.blogspot.com/

The Queen and one of her court (not sure what court) Queen Gretchen (the lady in charge) and Katie from Minneapolis

Lot lice! Robin was sent over to talk to him and find out what he wanted! She ended up having to kick him out!

OK this is how the Ringlings did it with fancy electric sewing machines. Another fantastic costume being made or repaired at the Great Circus Parade.

Inside one of the wardrobe wagons, everything is as it was in the 1920's even the plastic milk crate! Fact, I am sure thats what I was told!

Practise runs on Saturday lots of fun but who forgot the giraffe?!

Bill AKA "Mr Bill" to those of us who know him and his wonderful MOM!


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fantastic Show on a Wonderful Day

All out and over!

Both shows were well attended with a lot of very happy towners! Many people in town know that I am a circus fan and have my model show. I am asked questions and have had several comments and emails last night and this morning about when the circus would be back and if I know what town is next. Have fun Waconia and for the rest of Minnesota keep your eye open as this show will be here for the next couple of weeks.