Sunday, October 26, 2008

Some Wonderful Fun Pictures!

David from CWM always making sure he looks the part. Here he is getting ready to do the musical instruments demo.

This is a pretty good shot of Keri Olson, she was the first rate pub dept. at CWM for many years. Keri is now working for the hospital in fund raising and doing very well.

New Spec Wagons!

This one was also fun to build, 3 units the first is a jeep with the letters C I and a clown then a wagon R C and a zebra and trainer then a wagon with U S a seal and trainer. should be fun in the show when I use it. I am trying to make enough acts and spec stuff to switch them in and out when we display. I will make an attempt to catch Ned on his recent building frenzy but think it will take a while!

New Band Wagon Finished!

I have been working on this one for a while and am now happy. I do think I will still be adding to it when I put it on the display.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ned is always taking out his tape!

Ned was checking to see if the wagon he built from memory is right. How did you do Ned?

I have known Ned for over 25 years now I think he has had the same tape for all that time. Ned just got back from the National CMB convention in Texas and turned around and left for a whirlwind trip to Baraboo a couple days later.

CWM is working on wagons again! Need everything ready for the Great Circus Parade next summer!

Wagon 82 being worked on, looks like pretty big project.

More of #82 "anyone have the instructions???"

Some of the wheels after they have been repaired now waiting for paint.

Putting away the Museum train cars, this one is being slid into the center of the car shops.

Here she is entering the shops for the winter.

Crack Reporter Ned is back from the National and sent these pictures!

Ed O'Neils cookhouse from New Jersey.

Goodchilds cookhouse, I think they had a lot to eat!?

Don Kovels truck show.

Sparkling Star Models display, looks and sounds like lots of great stuff coming out soon.

Jim Stegall's layout.