Thursday, November 27, 2008

Dave Lorbeske from Milwaukee WI.

All of these pictures are from Dave Lorbeske. Dave is making two complete trains, one for each daughter. His models are beautiful as you can see, I am sure the girls will love them. I have been emailing with Dave for a while now and was going to meet him at Trainfest but with me having to go early we missed each other. Ned and Bob had a nice talk with him on Sunday morning and now he is joining CMB again. Great Job Ned and Bob getting him to join again, I hope we dont have any broken legs over this one!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Train Fest 2008

This was My and Teo's first trip to Train Fest and hope to make every year going forward. We had a wonderful time even thou we had to leave early to make it back so Teo could get ready for state school testing on Monday morning. We spent lots of time chatting with old friends and catching up! This is the first time I realised that all of us that grew up around CWM now have kids about the same age as when we started playing around at CWM.

Bob Russell had his quarter inch train on display, WOW what a wonderful collection.

This has to be one of the most beautiful quarter inch models of America that I have ever checked out. This one belongs to Bob Russell, a true work of art!!

Ned Kronbergs RBBB setup and his street parade in the background.

Train Fest 2008

Steve Flints half inch train.

Steve has some very beautiful wagons, detail is wonderful.

Another of Steve Flints wagons! He said he never gets to see his stuff unless he is displaying at a show. The Wife should let you take over the living room to have your toys out at all times! I understand I am taking my life into my hands but I am sure I was told by Steve he would pay me to put it on the BLOG!

You know for a guy that puts some much time and detail on his models you would think the engine would run! Big disappointment but I think we can live thru it!

Teo always finds the Lego group, he is in training to help out at shows. I do have a problem finding him when the girls come around?!?!